My Life


Born in Cordoba on February 4th on1984.

In a small town called Hornachuelos he spent the first years of his life.

At the age of four he travels with his family to Madrid, where he lives nowadays.

His family always had a passion for motorsports and so has Victor.

Despite he didn’t had the chance to compete or practice in the world of cars, he always demonstrated a great ability to drive and since he got the card his passion for cars and the competition was increasing as well as his driving skills.

His first car at the age of 18 was a Clio 100 diesel, which he will always keep a special affection.

He finished his studies in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, and began his working life.

His first job was assistant welder working in the garage, then he was formed as a machinist in 2003, in charge of blasting in 2005 and in a short period of just two years he was already running a great draft OP.

  • Víctor Jiménez led projects in Algelia with Elmasa

His logical personality and extreme responsibility made of ​​his career a continuous promotion.

After one year as a manager of building sites a big opportunity to travel to Algeria came across and he developed an ambitious business project. On 2007 Victor travel to Algeria and for three years he was working as a Production Manager and Staff, directing the operation and 160 people… not much to do with cars.

After completing a period of 8 years working in this hard sector, in late 2010 with the crisis Victor had to rethink his future by taking a 180 degrees round.

First experience:

2006 He travels to Finland with Porsche on an organized trip for ice driving. Those attending these trips learn to drive Porsche on ice and other additional difficulties. For four days he could enjoy and learn to drive a Porsche on ice in Ivalo, Finland.


He was the youngest of the group with 22 years old. In his group he soon featured, both the monitors and the pilots saw a great potential on him. In fact, one of the instructors is the first person to ask Victor for a possible future as a pilot.

To conclude this course they ran a race and he won, making more evident their difference and this was his baptism in the automotive world for only a few days.

In that time no one believed he only had the experience of driving a Renault Clio 100 hp diesel and he used a DERV company to get fuel.

On that trip a dream awoke, his progress during the course was amazing, the monitors could not imagine that this shy guy exceeds by far the targets, even becoming the champion of the race. In that group of colleagues there were rally drivers, people who had a great experience at the wheel of those cars.

After that trip, Victor was marked by this experience, which would soon bear fruits even though it was remote and undefined until four years later.