Massot finishes with the aspirations of Jiménez in Croft

The fourth round of the Porsche Carrera Cup UK held this weekend at the British circuit of croft has been a stumbling block in the aspirations of the spanish driver Victor Manuel Jiménez, who despite signing a podium in the first race, has fallen 1 position of general and is currently in the fourth position at 12 points of the third.


The Redline Racing driver was more confident than ever to fight for the victory given the good results in the trainings, where he was in the first place most of the time. But in qualifying Pepe Massot, another Spanish newcomer driver would ignore blue flags slowing Victor in his lap and losing the pole position option.

In the first race was classified third, obtaining a new podium. But in the second set, in the braking for turn two, Massot heavily pounded him out of court. With the suspension and trapeze broken among other parts of the car, he was forced to leave. Because of this action, Race Direction decided to penalize Massot with three points on the card and losing 5 grid positions for the next race.

It’s frustrating when you finish a weekend almost without rating because of another driver. It’s a shame because I felt very strong, it could have been a great weekend but just two curves and it was all over. The hit was so strong that it have damaged the whole car.”

The Porsche Cup UK is now taking a break, returning the first weekend of August with the sixth round that will be held at Snetterton.

The Porsche Cup UK takes a holiday, returning the first weekend of August with the sixth round to be held at Snetterton.