The current Champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup Pro will live a memorable experience on June 14th while participating in a race of the Porsche Cuo in the unique setting of 24 hours of LeMans.


The Porsche Carrera Cup features sixty pilots who will act like luxury openers in the best race of the year in the old continent. The Spanish pilot will fulfil a new dream since he embarked on this world just four years ago.

Disputed the first three tests of the championship, the Redline Racing driver is third in the standings with 92 points, led by Michael Meadows with 123 points and Josh Webster with 107 points, Victor’s main goal for the next races. This race, scoring for the Porsche Cup UK and the only one to be held outside the UK, get drivers from both French and British categories and the Supercup. For the Spanish pilot this will be his first contact with the legendary French track, but given his progression this season, he aims to be back in the fight for the first positions. On Wednesday they will have one hour training, on Thursday they will have another hour for qualifying and Saturday at 11:15 will take place the race, which will last 12 laps or a maximum of 45 minutes.

You were introduced in motorsports just over three years ago, what made ​​you take the decision?

Actually it was because of the crisis, as the sector in which I was working plummet and I needed a change. Since I was a child, I was a lot into motorsports and I thought it was time to try.“

You have been now for one season and a half in formulas, where you got the title in the FRenault Winter Series. Then you tried the Porsche in 2012 where you got the title of Pro – Am1 last season and this year you have the challenge of racing in Le Mans and you’re fighting for the podium in the general category, tell us why your decided to go for the Porsche Cup UK and if you feel satisfied with your progress.

I got into the Porsche world because I’ve always been a fan of this brand; I think it is currently the best and most competitive one-make racing cars. Besides, I know very well the British culture and I like it. It was there where I started to compete with the best cars and to know about the circuits and the environment, because in England there are many fans and I feel very comfortable, fans are very knowledgeable but if you get their respect is forever.“

As for my evolution I am happy, the most difficult thing for me so far is managing new tires because until now (in the Pro – Am1) I was always racing with used ones. But the hardest work is out of the car. It has never been easy to find people that supports you, sponsors, and now with the current crisis is even more complicated. This work is leading me 24 hours a day in order to get the budget. I wish I could have someone who could help me in finding the budget so I could focus on driving and training more, if that happens I think we could be in better positions.”

Every day you are closer to your rivals Meadows and Webster, where do you see yourself at the end of season regarding them?

We will be fighting against each other, closer than we are now. This year the title is almost impossible because Meadows has a very solid trust thanks to the large experience after so many years in the Porsche. Yes, I find myself struggling with Webster for second place.”

What does it mean for you to run in LeMans?

It’s a dream, something unimaginable. Competing in the same weekend, being with them face to face, is something special for me since I consider it the most important race in the world. It is a privilege for me!“

It will be a tough race, many rivals on track, a path you don’t know… do you feel ready?

Not 100% because although I know the track, I’ve worked in the simulator and I have watched videos, until you get there you don’t know how it is. In addition we will be around sixty pilots, and I don’t know most of the opponent and it is important to analyze them, know their intelligence, speed, competitiveness and to know how to act. In this track we don’t have margin for mistakes, you have a lot of pressure and you have to give 100% throughout the race without making a single mistake, that’s the most complicated thing.”

 What do you expect from this race, which is your goal?

The goal is to make podium in the UK category and been rated in the top ten overall. I hope to finish the race in order to add this as an unforgettable memory and especially o try to enjoy every lap.“