The Spanish driver Víctor Manuel Jiménez was one of the protagonists in the race that Porsche played before 24 hours of LeMans which was attended by a total of 62 participants. In his first foray into the French track the Redline driver made his best performance of the year improving his initial target, but a puncture on the left rear wheel two laps before the end of the race left him without options while battling for the seventh position.


For Victor this was the event of the season, and an special occasion to show his progression in the Porsche Cup, with so much more experienced drivers from the UK, the French Cup and Supercup. Starting from the seventeenth place he was well maintained in the top twenty. In the ecuador of this race and with a higher rate began to advance positions to reach the top ten.

At the time, Victor rolled half a second faster than his rivals, including Michael Meadows and Josh Webster, rivals for the title in the UK, but an untimely puncture in the left rear tire would end his chances of winning the category and for the seventh position overall. The accident occurred at high speed, fortunately, was able to stop his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup just before colliding with the wall and came out unscathed.

Frustrated by the incident but satisfied with his performance career, the Spanish was one of the spurs to the public through his progression on track during the second part of the test.

It was a great race, I have traced from the P17 to the top 10 but my dream was shattered by the burst of the left rear tire at 290km/h due to the pieces of fiber that was in the path by collisions of other cars. At first I thought I was just unlucky but it was really the opposite, despite the spectacular accident and speed,  I was only two feet from the wall, so I was lucky.”

During the first part of the test I chose to manage my options and take care of my tires to force in the second half of the race. My times were higher than the group that was in front of me and I began to overtake cars. My times were among the top four, only surpassed by the group from the podium, and that’s what I take.”

Despite the drop I’m very happy, it has been an unforgettable experience. I love Le Mans!“