Podium on the general for Víctor Manuel Jiménez in Rockingham

Coinciding with the end of summer, we get right into the final stretch of the 2013 season of ‘Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain’ that after the appointment of the weekend at the British circuit of Rockingham, we are missing only from the last two tests.

The Spanish driver Victor Manuel Jimenez today dealt a nearly fatal blow in the overall standings of the Pro-Am1 category to get a win in this category and the overall podium after finishing third in the first race of the weekend. The Redline has also signed the fastest lap overall in the second round.

The weekend started well from qualification thanks to a new double pole and a fourth place overall. From the second row of the grid Madrid was held back in the first few meters due to lack of traction and lost a position that would soon recover. Rolling fourth, Ecuador was the race it started to rain and the track became sensitive when the leader of the left door usually causing the entry of the safety car. Three laps later the race was relaunched, but with the state of the track riders should conform to remain in their positions until the end of it.

In the second race of the day Madrid was hit by his teammate and rival in the fight for the title, Dan De Zille , ending both with individual flat tires , but before Victor had secured the fastest lap of the race.

Following the appointment of Victor Rockingham is fast in the lead in the general classification of the Pro – Am1 a total of 183 points with 60 points ahead of Dan De Zille.

I’m very happy, it ‘s been a full weekend ; Double podium and win my category , most podium and fastest lap of the general. ” – Says.

Everything went well, but races have been difficult because of the uncertainty of the rain, we had to think that tire put on each time and drive carefully as the track was very delicate. “

About facing the final rounds , said: ” My aim in the following races will be sure the championship, my team mate is putting me complicated, and have to be careful. ” – Sentence.

The next meeting will be in two weeks on the national circuit layout quintessential UK, Silverstone.